Unity / Diversity

Unity / Diversity


We have met several times within the last year to determine who we are within the Synod of the Covenant and with our presbyteries and congregations.  We discussed our points of concern, points of organizational respect and new thoughts. 

Our responsibilities are listed in the Synod of the Covenant Manual of Operations and we will meet again this spring to review the seven items listed in the manual that is our responsibility.  We will review, discuss and discern all seven items to determine if that fits in with our vision of today and the future of the Synod. 

We look forward to see where the Spirit of the Lord takes us. 

God bless,

Ruth Azar

Moderator, CECA

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  1. Yuyu

    I have waited 30 years for this, and it is a sweet momnet!The Presbyterian Church is one of the most respected in the nation, and it officially welcoming GLBT pastors, elders and deacons will get a lot of news coverage, and will affect not only its own members, but the debate among many millions more.Most of the bias against us that is left comes from religious people and, like it or not, we live in a nation where the overwhelming number of people are religious, and a world that is even more so. This, when combined with similar moves among other churches Lutheran, Episcopal, United Church of Christ, means that when a religious wingnut makes the case for denying us rights based on his interpretation of the faith, we can now point out that it is just that HIS interpretation, not THE interpretation.That will shut them up and take away their power WAY faster than just saying you don’t believe in their faith, which only (due to their persecuted worldview) makes the speaker look lost and thus unworthy of real consideration.Whatever ones faith (or none), this is HUGE, and a wonderful development for all GLBT people, and society as a whole!