Grants & Scholarships

The Synod uses grants and scholarships to help support ministries of education, social justice, and transformation to occur throughout our eleven presbyteries.  The 2020 grant cycle is currently in process for Higher Education Scholarships (up to $1500), to be reviewed beginning August 31, 2020.  Applications will be available by August 15, 2020, for New Covenant Grants and Racial Ethnic Grants (both for up to $5000).

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Worship, Preaching, & Teaching

In late June, 2020, the Synod coordinated a pre-recorded worship service in gratitude for the persistence and excellence of preachers, worship leaders, musicians, and tech gurus for their incredible ministry during the pandemic. The service includes almost thirty participants, with at least one from each of its eleven presbyteries.  You can download or watch the service or sermon here, and use them for any upcoming Sunday in order to give worship leaders a Sabbath.

Click here to watch or download the Summer Service or Sermon

Another offering from the Synod of the Covenant is the preaching ministry of Interim Executive Chip Hardwick.  You can see his recent sermons on the Synod’s Youtube channel. If you would like to invite Chip to preach, teach, or keynote, or if you have ideas about future ministries which would be fruitful for the Synod to undertake, please contact him at

Past Ministries

The long-standing ministries of the Synod were put on hold at least through the end of August, 2020, when the Administrative Commission (AC) established by the 223rd General Assembly (2018) took original jurisdiction in February 2020.  These ministries now on pause include the Mobile Health Faith, Mission to the USA, Welcome All Refugees, and the Cabinet on Ethnic Church Affairs (CECA).  When the AC returns decision-making authority to the Synod, possibly as early as November 2020, one of the primary tasks for the Assembly will be to discern the scope and focus of ministries to be offered by the Synod in the future.